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General Question

You can contact us by filling out the form here, Facebook and WhatsApp.
Tip: WhatsApp can get the fastest reply!

Buy Car

You can fill in the form on this website and our sales staff will contact you for further progress.

Or you can also WhatsApp us directly, we can also provide services for you.
- Copy- Identity Card (for Malaysians) / Passport (for non-Malaysians)
- Copy- Driving license
- Payslip for the last three months
- Bank statement of salary account for the last three months
- EPF statement
- Any other income supporting document.
You can WhatsApp us directly, and we can also provide you with free consultation services.

You just need to tell us some qualitative requirements (i.e. I want a silver car, I only have a budget of 40k, etc.), and we will provide you with the best choice.
Yes. As long as you go to our center, you can observe the car and test drive for free.
You can WhatsApp us and order the time, or you also can walk-in to our center (can search kcw96 in GoogleMaps or Waze to get the correct address).
After purchasing a car from us, you can discuss with our salesman when it is convenient to pick up the car, either at our center or we can also deliver the car to the location you arrange.
You can pay with cash, online transfer or credit card.
Firstly, you need to make a booking (minimum RM500 is required, RM400 will be refunded if the loan is rejected, of which RM100 is the admin fee).

Then you need to prepare the documents required for the loan and we will help you to submit it to the bank/credit company of your choice.

The result will be issued within 3-10 days after completing the document (depending on the document). If it is approved, we will call you to sign an agreement and pay the down payment (if any).
Yes, you may apply through your preferred financial institution.
The documents you want to prepare:

- Copy- Identity Card (for Malaysians) / Passport (for non-Malaysians)
- Copy- Driving licence
- Payslip for the last three months
- Bank statement of salary account for the last three months
- EPF statement
- Any other income supporting documents

Sell Car

After filling in and submitting the information on our website, we will make an appointment with you to check your car, and then make the transaction.
No, we will not charge you any additional fees when we are buying your car.
We will personally inspect your car and then bid on a case-by-case basis, generally in the market price range.
If the car still gets a loan, we will discuss it with you. Generally, KCW96 will settle the loan, after the release of EBATAL(it means in the JPJ system, the car is already sold to KCW96).

If the car has no loan, we will trade as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is tariff rated i.e. the premium for that cover is being computed based on a formula determined by the insurance authority, this means that all insurance companies are charging the same basic premium for the same cover.
Loading is an additional surcharge imposed on the basic premium rate. Factors that may affect the risk where loading can be imposed are but not limited to age of vehicle, the driver's driving experience and adverse claims experience.
An excess is the amount the Insured will have to bear before the insurance company will pay for each and every claim made. For example, if the claim amount is RM3,500 and the excess stated on the policy is RM500, the amount payable to the Insured will be RM3,500 less RM500 i.e. RM3,000.
An NCD entitlement is a discount allowed to the Insured in accordance to a scale determine by the authority, a certain percentage off the basic premium (inclusive of loading, if any), if no claim is made or intimated under the insured's policy and also provided the vehicle is insured continuously for a period of 12 months with the same Insurer.
Yes, if the cars are registered in your name, the transfer of NCD earned can be allowed but always bear in mind that you can only enjoy the next level of NCD if your car is insured with the same insurer continuously for a period of 12 months and provided there is no claim made or intimated under your policy in each of the above instances.

Note: You cannot use the same NCD earned on more than one car. NCD is on earned basis by each car upon completion of the continuous 12 months period of insurance with the same insurer. You can inter-change your NCD to any car registered in your name as explained in the above.
You should insure your car at market value. You can seek the motor car franchise holders to determine the value of your car.
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